Past Events

Mid-Missouri Meet-Up 2018:

Churchill Museum at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri

28 October 2018

The annual get-together with our cohorts from the Kansas City club took place at the Churchill Museum on the campus of Westminster College. In 1946, Churchill travelled to Fulton and delivered a speech warning of the rise of Communism and the influence of the Soviet Union. Churchill described an “iron curtain” closing vast portions of Eastern Europe from democracy and freedom.

The museum is built in the basement of a medieval British church rebuilt on the campus. It had been destroyed during WWII and Britain did not have the resources to restore this and hundreds of other damaged structures. Funds were raised in the US and the church was disassembled and rebuilt in Fulton. Missing stonework was recreated using blocks cut from the same British quarry which supplied the original church.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, a large portion of it was transported to the College as a tribute to Churchill.

After visiting the museum, the group proceeded to a local lunch spot, then continued on to a local auto museum showcasing many fine vehicles from the past.

Lewis & Clark State Historic Site Drive

21 April 2018

Time to shake off the winter chill and get the cars out on the road! Six club members in four cars met for a drive into Illinois and its educational Lewis and Clark State Historic Site. It commemorates the famous expedition up the Missouri River in 1804-1806, starting from almost this exact spot.

We then proceeded about 1/4 mile to the Confluence Tower to take in a commanding view at 160 ft. Immediately to the west is the confluence of the two great American rivers: the Missouri empties into the Mississippi. A spit of land marks the spot where they come together. The weather was clear enough (although very windy) to see downtown St. Louis, 19 miles to the south.