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2007 Volvo V70R

$11,300 (owner will discount price if you mention this ad)

Electric Silver exterior, Nordic Blue interior. ~96,000 miles. Contact info at bottom of the page.

You have found a comparative needle in the haystack. This is the last year of this model; the only year to come with a 6-speed automatic transmission, redesigned tail lights and heated, folding mirrors with integrated turn signal indicators. According to posts on the SwedeSpeed forum, only 345 V70Rs were delivered to the US in 2007. It’s a wonderful sleeper and daily driver.

You probably know the stats on this car and what separates it from the rest of the V70 lineup – AWD, 300hp, big brakes, 17” ‘pegasus’ wheels, upgraded and electronically adjustable suspension (that actually makes a big difference), xenon headlights, R badging, super cool blue gauges, a sport R steering wheel, the best front seats you may ever sit in, and a cool subtle spoiler coming off the back. It started with a fairly luxurious car before the sporty treatment; heated and powered seats, multi-disc in-dash CD changer and surround sound, climate control, etc etc. Only a few options were available for the R, and this comes with a navigation system and a dealer-installed subwoofer under the cargo floor.

The previous owner and I have both showered love on this car for years. When I purchased the car in May of 2013, it came with an upgraded ipd inlet hose, tinted windows, dark gray painted wheels to match the brake calipers wearing Kumho tires, a mount for a quad lock phone and LED bulbs in the daytime running lights and fog lights. He found and installed the dealer option for a metal cargo gate. Apparently there was some minor hail damage on the roof, so he had that fixed and resprayed it before I came to get it. I bought it with just 53k miles on it. The guy was a Volvo fanatic and owned 6 (!) Volvos when I came to pick it up in Michigan. The car was gorgeous.

As great as the car was, I made a few changes from his ownership. I traded out the Kuhmo’s for Michelin Pilot Sports, which improved the car’s overall behavior. The LED bulbs didn’t do much for visibility, so I changed the daytime running lights back to halogen bulbs. And then I started improving things.

The rubber around the cupholders was getting stiff, so I replaced it. To improve turbo performance, I upgraded the turbo control valve with a heavy-duty unit from ipd. That alone made a noticeable difference! Also installed a cover for the Haldex AWD system under the car to protect it. To make the turbo breathe a little easier, I added a ram air kit and a K&N air filter, which also made an improvement to acceleration. A few years later, I kicked it up a notch by adding an ipd larger downtube and stainless-steel sport exhaust. My guess is that this car is producing something around 330hp with the mods provided. At the time I also swapped out the brake pads with ceramic ones. Even though the Xenons are decent, I replaced the rather lame stock fog lights with PIAA LEDs. They make a significant difference. Just for fun, I swapped out the license plate lights with LEDs for a cool look. I even have a custom-fitted car cover for it.

I’ve had two major mechanical repairs in 6 years – one expected and one surprise. Every V70 owner needs to replace the timing belt at around 75k. It’s a tricky and expensive job – which has been completed on this wagon. The other one was bad news for me, but good news for you. The electrically actuated front struts that are unique to the R started giving up on me. Now they have been replaced.

The only things I wish this R had, was a chip tune ($700), a set of ipd replica 18” pegasus wheels, and to swap out the stereo with an in-dash CarPlay system. Maybe add some dynamat to deaden the sound. But I decided to stop short and start saving for my next – you guessed it – Volvo wagon.

What isn’t so amazing about this car is its inherent laughable turning radius (you learn to compensate for it), a few minor dings, and the wear and tear of a 13-year-old car. The left front speaker sometimes flakes out. The fabric on the inside of the A-pillars is peeling. The wipers on the headlights (always loved that feature) don’t work. Not everyone will like the manly exhaust note. This car is also registered with a salvage-repaired title. That hampers resale but my price reflects this. As you can see from the pics though, this car still looks great.

My 5th Volvo and 3rd wagon in a row, this was by far the best Volvo I’ve ever owned. I’ve gotten pretty much all the joy out of this car that I’m going to get, and any day now I’m going to take delivery on a ‘16 V60. So my V70R is looking for a good home. Is that you?

I’ve tried to mention everything I can think of, but please feel free to send me any questions. Contact form is below the picture gallery!